WordPress Kathmandu August 2021 Online Meetup at Sun, Aug 29

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WordPress Kathmandu August 2021

Online Meetup



Dear WordPress Enthusiasts,

ReactJS has been a part of WordPress for many years. However, most of the developers are not implementing it in their plugins and themes. With Gutenberg, WordPress is using ReactJS in the core Editor.

ReactJS can be used to extend Gutenberg Editor, Plugin Settings, or creating fast and interactive user interfaces on WordPress.

Considering the importance of ReactJS, we are going to conduct WordPress Kathmandu August 2021 online meetup on Sunday, 29th August 2021.

The event will be with a workshop model on the topic of “Building WordPress Settings via React and Rest API”

In this workshop, we will cover the following things:

  • Basic Introduction about ReactJS
  • Basic Introduction about Rest WordPress API
  • Setting Plugin Default Options, Getting Options, Deleting Options, and Setting Options
  • Adding WordPress Admin Menu for Our Plugin
  • Implementing ReactJS on WordPress Admin Menu
  • Adding Default Gutenberg Components as Plugin Setting Fields on Admin Menu
  • Using Rest API to get Plugin Options and Setting it on React Component Setting Fields
  • Using Rest API to set Plugin Options and Setting it on Database ( WordPress Option Table )
  • Basic Real-Time Implementation of Plugin

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  • Santosh Kunwar
9:00 AM

Santosh Kunwar Founder/CEO at Acme Themes Founder/CEO at Acme Information Technology

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August 29, 2021 9:00 am
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