Roles Of Girls In Tech with Shweta Sherchan By EventsNP on February, 1st 2021

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“Roles of Girls in Tech“

with Shweta Sherchan.

Whenever we talk about tech, we simply remember Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. But most of us don’t try to know about Susan Wojcicki, Sheryl Kara Sandberg, etc, the female powers behind their success and progress in this field.

To avoid the social dilemma that men are only the faces of the IT industry we have miss Shweta Sherchan full-time digital marketing expert in Nepal.

The session will be moderated by EventsNP.

To know more about the expertise of girls in tech or where you can choose the right path to kickstart your career as a female tech expert please join us on Feb 1 by filling out the form.

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However, women are playing a much bigger role and more and more women are entering regular and top positions in tech, including big global companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, which make women hiring 238% faster than men.





    Role of Girls In Tech
    06-07 PM

    “Roles of Girls in Tech“ with Shweta Sherchan.

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