National Level Open Debate Competition Organized By Green Commando Earth (GCE)

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Green Commando Earth (GCE) Presents

National Level Open Debate Competition

Schedule: 7th Bhadra- 13th Bhadra, (23rd -29th August)

Phone no: 9826247471, 9840386286

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Program Overview

Green Commando Earth has always worked for the personal development of teenagers and youths. GCE is providing platforms for youths to develop their skills, knowledge, and help them themselves to be a confident and bold person through different programs.

Open debate provides a great opportunity to compare and analyze the ideas and opinions. Green Commando Earth believes this program will help the participants to generate critical thinking, keen listening skills, and insistent speaking on a particular topic.

The debate will provide a long term influence on self-expression that will be useful throughout life. So, during this pandemic struck period GCE hopes to arrange a program to cover and address various primary issues in the discussion.

GCE hopes to nurture rational thinking, citizenship manners, and organization of thoughts, persuasion, and public speaking through the program.

The live session is to be conducted from 7th Bhadra- 13th Bhadra, (23rd -29th August)


The objectives of the competition are:

  • To provide a significant training ground to develop the public speaking quality of the participants.
  • To generate effective creative thinking into primary issues.
  • To create an environment for building in-depth knowledge and understanding of the issues.
  • To understand and communicate various forms of argument effectively in a variety of contexts.
  • To increase learners’ confidence, poise, and self-esteem.

Target People

The competition is planned to be an open completion for Children and Adults (Schools and +2 students) and youths (Bachelors and Masters students). The participants would be able to register themselves through Google Forms. There won’t be any registration charges.


The targeted number of participants is 50. The participants will be selected for different rounds by a panel of judges.

The language used will be both Nepali and English. The use of language will not be a criterion to judge a participant. However, the use of foul language or any form of intimidation shown by the participant will not be tolerated.

Judging and marking of the participants will be done by a panel of judges.
1. Selection round:

First of all, there will be an open selection round for the registered participants for which each participant would be asked to express their argument either for or against the given topic within 5 minutes in a form of video recording or audio recording and mail them to us.

Thus received material will also be shared in social media. The top 14 participants would be chosen by the judging panel.

2. Semi finale:

The semifinalist chosen from the selection will compete against each other in live sessions conducted through an online video conferencing platform.

The semifinal will be conducted in three sessions on alternate days (7th, 9th, 11th Bhadra).

Each session will have a different theme and the topics given to the participants will be based on the theme of the day.

The debaters will be allocated 5 minutes to present their argument and a warning bell will be rung at the end of 4th minute. The best debater from each day will be chosen.

At the end of the third session, the marks secured by the debaters throughout three days/sessions will be tallied and the top 4 debaters will be taken to the finale.

3. Finale:

The finale will also be a live session and will be conducted on 13th Bhadra. The participants will be asked to speak either for or against the topic given.

The time limit for each participant will be 6 minutes and the speaker will be warned at the end of the 5th minute.

The highest scoring speaker will be the winner and the second-highest scoring speaker will be adjudged as second.


Cash Prize and Certificate to Top 2 and Certificate to all Participant & Khalti Coupon of Worth Rs 200/- to Session Winners

About Us

Green Commando Earth (GCE) is a team of motivated Nepalese youths and enthusiasts looking for contributing their effort and time to develop skills to undertake training and contribute to the conservation of the planet.

Green Commando Earth carries out campaigns to school, college, and community level to aware the all the age groups about the importance of environment and enlightening about various measures of recreating and conserving the environment.

GCE focuses on youths of different sectors and is actively involved in reaching the local grass-root level and implanting resilient and environment-friendly mindset on young people.

GCE organizes different programs to help youths and teenagers to understand the issues, concerns & global scenarios on environment conservation. GCE focus on nurturing the youth by conducting leadership based and skill-based programs.

GCE conducted different webinars targeted to youths during the recent period. GCE has been actively involved in the protest of Nijgadh airport. Moreover, GCE organized a campaign named “म र मेरो कौशी खेती ” with the motive of encouragement of kitchen garden and participation of youths in it.

With the beginning of the project from a table discussion, GCE has reached different cities across Nepal. GCE head team has 11 different chapters; namely: Kathmandu, Illam, Bardibas, Sindhuli, Hetauda, Chitwan, Pokhara, Rupendehi, Dang, Surkhet, Tikapur and Baitadi and includes 170+ actively working Executive Members and General Members.

GCE family has 11 different active Facebook pages with aggregate followers of about 15,000+ which constantly connects us with the public.

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Green Commando Earth (GCE)
Green Commando Earth (GCE) is a team of motivated Nepalese youths and enthusiasts looking for contributing their effort and time to develop skills to undertake training and contribute to the conservation of the planet. Contact: 9826247471, 9840386286 Email: