Made in Nepal Carnival By RSTC Foundation

More than 250 businesses focused on Nepal-made products will join as the exhibitor for the carnival. More than 25k
visitors targeted to visit the venue and more than 1 million media reach from Social Medias. The event is planned to happen on 3rd April 2020.

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Why Join Event?
The event is divided into two segments, we are having more than 250+ stalls which is
focused on made in Nepal products and services.

Section 1 Exhibition
• More than 250 Stalls
• More than 5000 products
• More than 25,000 visitors
• More than 1 million live sales target
• More than 1 million reaches on online media
• More than 100 celebrity and dignitary
• More than 10 media partner
• More than 20 Chamber of Commerce
Section 2 Entertainment
• Promoting local music and instrument
• Promoting local dance and arts
• Promoting local painting and arts craft
• Promoting local food and cuisine
• Promoting local craft and trade
• Promoting locally made superfood

The options for stall booking are open for vendors. Vendors will get a chance to showcase their product with more than 10000+ visitors.

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