The Lockdown Series by Ask Buddie

lockdown series by ask buddie Blog

Ask Buddie, a tech related facebook community whose members help to tackle a lot of problems in programming and all tech related fields.

Recently AskBuddie has announced a free online live session about different Programming Classes, Digital Marketing and Developing technical skills and revenue generating sessions.Where different mentors from varieties of field come together and  participate to give live sessions to beginners including intermediate and masters in that field.

Let’s know about Ask Buddie

Actually Ask Buddie is a tech community where community members can ask, share and discuss tech-related queries. It is a Facebook community of 13K+ members which is listed as the leading tech community of Nepal. Ask Buddie offers its members to share queries about different topics such as Programming, Cyber-security, Networking, Open Source Program etc.

Most amazing part of askbuddie is that beginners are truly benefited from this community. The moderators and mentors of ask buddie provides perfect guidance to all its members when they are misled in the tech field. As this community is filled with experienced tech enthusiasts so the majority of the content is about mentorship and problem solving posts.

Events On Ask Buddie

So after knowing about AskBuddie, let’s discuss about event organized by the Askbuddie. In the recent past, ask buddie had organized different sessions such as javascript, Modern Web Application Vulnerability, HTML sessions and SEO for Beginners sessions for their community members to enhance their skills. As a result, these sessions were very fruitful for the attendees.

All Events on AskBuddie

Analyzing the response of past events, the admin and moderators has made decisions about organizing such free events for its community members. To attend these online events, ask buddie invites all the tech enthusiasts to join and collaborate to organize and improve the quality of these sessions.

  • Unity 2D Game development by Prerak Giri (June 26, 7PM – 10PM)
  • Passive Income Ideas: Stop Trading Time With Money by Mr. Raushan Jaiswal (June 21, 8PM – 9PM)
  • SEO: Live Blog Post Optimization by Mr. Raju Khadka (June 20, 8PM-9PM)
  • Getting Started With flutter by Mr. Samir Phyal (June 19, 6pm-8pm)
  • Getting Started: Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) by Prabat Nepal (June 15, 8PM-9PM)
  • How Goal Setting can help you or destroy you? by Saugat Singh Saud (June 6, 8PM-9PM)
  • JavaScript Session by Subekcode

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