The Entrepreneurship guide for Beginners by CuriousWe


Napoleon Hills once said “Don’t wait. The time will never be just RIGHT”

If you have an idea, a vision, and a purpose for life to do something different, you must not wait for the right time to make it happen. Instead, you should focus on making the time right.

So before it is too late, with a vision to create a college environment where students think, act, and change the world to positively impact the environment and society with an entrepreneurial mindset, curious we at Pulchowk have announced ] a 10 days physical workshop on entrepreneurship where 10 young and working entrepreneurs will teach you the basics of entrepreneurship, the challenges and the methods on how to face them with practical examples and will guide you from 1st day to create an idea, work on it, form team and many more at IOE Pulchowk Campus. 

From creating an idea to executing it, from forming a team to managing operations, you will learn everything from people who have been doing it in everyday life. Register now to attend this 10 days workshop.

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