Events Overview

Startup & Idea Fest 2022 is an event centered on technological innovation, student projects, startup ideas, and innovation. This event highlights innovative ideas and encourages youths towards the development of technology. Startup & Idea Fest 2022 will also host a great exhibition where student’s innovation, projects and startup products are expected to attract a mass audience. This years Startup and Idea Fest 2022 which will be organized in all seven provinces of Nepal with the motive to promote local innovators and startups and contribute towards the development and promotion of the ICT ecosystem in Nepal.


Details Description of the Events

Exhibition and Product Demo

This is the area of learning that is based upon demonstration of one’s skill, invention, and innovation. Participants will be demonstrating their invention, products, software including their startup company to the visitors.

Idea Pitching

One of the major activities in Startup & Idea Fest 2022 is idea pitching session, where students and startups will pitch their ideas. This session helps participants to break through the business ecosystem, while also helping with the networking with industry leaders as well as assisting them to explore the marketing field.

Digital Samvad Session

Digital Samvad is an open round table that attempts to revisit, reflect, and reshape the aspiration laid down by digital Nepal for digital transformation. The Digital Samvad will attempt to complement the Digital Nepal initiatives and spur discussion and draw the lessons from the experience of our key resource persons and domain experts.

Training and Mentorship

During training and mentorship, startups and students will have an opportunity to learn on tech related topics. This session will enable them to build a network helping them to widen their knowledge horizon. The participants will also have an opportunity to get encountered with experts for mentorship and tannings.

Digital Literacy Campaign

During this session participants will have an opportunity to explore the area around digital financial literacy where we aim to introduce and encourage the effective adoption of digital financial services.

Startup & Entrepreneur Meetup

Startup and Entrepreneur Meetup are the backbone of the startup ecosystem where participants contribute by sharing their experience, ideas, and problems with each other. Startup and Entrepreneur Meetup will also be followed by panel discussions, presentations, and workshops in different topics.

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