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Join the CEO Unplugged

CEO Unplugged is a yearly forum organized by Global Pvt. Ltd. comprising a series of panel discussions where they try to establish a forum to discuss current business challenges, opportunities, and futuristic views with a sight of experiential learning to the newcomers in the business and student with an objective “Today Meets Tomorrow”.

Since skills are a critical asset for individuals, businesses, and societies. The importance of skills is being more pronounced in a dynamic, globalized world. Building basic skills early on, by broadening and improving the quality of early childhood, is essential. But it is also crucial to ensure that skills taught at skills are relevant for the working world; that are maintained and further improved during working life; So, this forum would be helpful for the joiners.

Sharing and learning Entrepreneurial Mindset

Deciding with speed and conviction and delivering reliability and adopting proactively and learning from renowned CEOs and their strategy and tactics in a company lifecycle. And gain a new perspective and discover emerging trends required to accelerate and sustain growth!

Networking meeting of minds

You are bound to share a handshake, some great conversation, resources, networks, and innovative ideas with highly provoking CEOs and Entrepreneurs in highly anticipated events. GlocalNepal is giving opportunities to meet the people and conversations that matter to you!

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